Provides CoW (Cell on Wheels) Temporary and Semi-Permanent Telecommunication Coverage on Wi-Fi, Mobile 4G/5G, or works as a cellular repeater site

Wi-Fi 6 equipped trailer is supplied in two different configurations:

  • OMNI WiFi access point for low dense coverage (Mining exploration sites, Constructions, etc..) where there are not too many subscribers (Up to 127) are located around the trailer. The coverage area in the rural (no Wi-Fi interference) is up to 1km, subject of terrain
  •        3 Sectors (120 degrees) Directional Antennae for high dense coverage (festivals, camping, carnival areas) or when the directed coverage is required. Capacity is up to 127 subscribers per sector.

4G/5G Mobile Network :

  • The trailer has 3 Sectors 4G or 5G base station to provide the private network on the commercial phones during deployment
  • Base stations are connected back to Cloud Based Core in Melbourne datacenter, SIM cards are issued for all required users
  • Coverage area may be up to 10-15 kilometres, depending on technology, frequency band, power, and landscape

Mobile repeater: 

  • Based on Australian popular Cel-Fi GO G41 Smart Signal Repeater for the Telstra or Optus or Vodafone / TPG Networks
  • Designed to boost mobile coverage in remote areas where coverage generally exists from, but on low level



Internet Connectivity powered by “Starlink”, anywhere, in Australia

Up to 250 Mbps Download and 25 Mbps Upload per site

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