Push to Talk Gateway Device for connecting to two-way radio

PTT Gateway is a IP-PTT Gateway device that provides you voice PTT communication environment between IP based Push-To-Talk service and two-way radios(FRS, UHF, VHF, TRS, DMR). 
It supports interconnect between IP Based PTT devices and RF on site radio. Also PTT service may interconnect remote RF sites with PTT Gateways.

  • Voice PTT compatible with radio (FRS,UHF,VHF,TRS, DMR)
  • Supports PTT Signal Input Port
  • Supports connections between PTT Server/Cloud system and two-way radio
  • Integrated with COR interface
  • Supports noise reduction
  • Supports various protocols and high-quality voice codecs
  • Web interface for managing channel/settings
  • Prevent PTT lock duplicates in multiple PTT installation environment
  • Supports Mic Amplification
  • Supports Low Path Filter