By configuring your smartphone with a demo channel you may check how Push to Talk works for you straight away. That is a great option to get an idea without any subscriptions and sign up. Please use next steps to try out.

  • Download ProPTT2 app on your smartphones using our Devices page – PTT Devices
  • Enter an individual test credentials for demo account on each smartphone from this page below
  • Join to Demo Channel by selecting three horizonal lines on the top right and clicking “GO” for Demo Channel

  • Use Microphone Button on the screen to Push and Talk, you may switch to Video mode as well

Test Credentials

  • Login:  Password: test123
  • Login: Password: test123
  • Login: Password: test123
  • Login: Password: test123

Please use this setup only for short test and never for communications, anyone may join this channel and listen your conversations