We use mobile phones every day at work, at home and everywhere in between. But we never think about how it all works and why it sometimes doesn’t.

What is modern mobile communication, and is it possible to ensure your business stays connected with the presence of your own mobile network?

Modern mobile network operators use fairly reliable network core equipment and contemporary base stations in order to serve subscribers. However, the scale and complexity of these networks are sometimes in themselves a source of problems. Also, your services may be deprioritised when a traditional carrier is trying to serve everyone at once – as they don’t handle your particular service as “mission critical”.

In addition to this, the business model changes of many mobile companies in recent decades forced them to outsource critical business units. For example, the planning and maintenance of mobile networks. This often leads to incorrect planning of network capacity and unreasonable delays in recovery during accidents. We all saw the consequences before the COVID-19 pandemic – but this became even more pronounced during the events of March and April 2020.

Returning to the questions given at the beginning of our article – yes, now there is an opportunity to become completely independent from the mobile LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks of large operators. The compact network core on site or in the Cloud, and 1 to 2 base stations will provide reliable coverage and service structure exactly where you need it. And only subscribers to whom you issued SIM cards will be in this mobile network.

Private LTE networks

These networks are what enable small and medium-sized businesses to avoid dependence on large market players. Your mobile network doesn’t need to include building expensive infrastructure – it’s all around you. It is enough to connect the mobile base station to the Internet or your local Intranet on site – and here is your own mobile network in your smartphone, tablet or multiple IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and M2M (Machine to Machine) devices for your company’s infrastructure. This network will never be congested with subscribers coming from another city because only you can use it.
Having created your own mobile network will not only give you the ability to communicate on the Internet and make phone calls without any overloads, modern private network solutions will provide a wide range of additional opportunities for your business, including:

Unique coverage – Now you can make your own mobile coverage exactly where you need it. No matter where it is, it’s important that you are always in touch. If big players are not interested in bringing coverage to your farm, remote area or warehouse, you can now bring your own coverage to your business.

Security – Unlike widespread Wi-Fi networks, which are often used in small and medium-sized businesses, private LTE networks are protected by carrier-level networks. This is the same LTE standard as large mobile operators. Additionally, when you have an onsite Core network – internal traffic for your business communications between your devices and subscribers never leaves your internal network.

Scalability – The rapid expansion of private LTE networks is standard. From a small office to a farm of several hundred hectares or an industrial enterprise – we’re ready to assemble your puzzle as you need it.

Wide range of voice services – The uniqueness of our offer is supported by ten years of experience with our parent company – the Australian Phone Company. You will gain access to a comprehensive network of our cloud PBXs to have full Fixed – Mobile Convergence with calling between mobile and office extensions, transfer of calls, ring groups, conferences and much more. Push to Talk and Video translation facilities directly from mobile phones will enable your workers to communicate quickly and efficiently.

Manage your own business data priorities – When you have your own network, you’ll have a unique opportunity to decide which type of communications and connections are highly critical for you. That is what is regarded as “mission critical” – and if you need to make sure that some data feed from a particular set of data sensors to the control centre is never delayed – now you get to set the right priorities. This data will be prioritised over other background applications. When your data doesn’t travel to the nearest capital city’s CBD (like in cases where big operators are involved), you have minimum delays and full control.

Digitising Business – Lastly, one of the most important advantages of your own mobile network is the ability to digitise a business. Private LTE networks with the “Internet of Things” support will enable you to connect thousands of sensors, devices and actuators. The range of applications is extremely wide and covers the vast majority of industries.

Any crisis is not only a test of strength, but also a time of opportunity. Don’t miss this critical time. Because while everyone has paused their activities, you can get ready to run at a new speed. At the speed of your own private LTE network.

At Private LTE Networks of Australia, we will be happy to discuss the many possible applications of our solution.


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